In Pennsylvania, insurance companies are not permitted to cancel a homeowner's policy based solely on a dog's breed. They are, however, allowed to non-renew a policy if the dog has bitten someone.

There is no statute or regulation prohibiting an insurer from refusing to issue a policy based on the breed of dog. However, once a policy is issued, and has been in-force for more than sixty days, Act 205 protects the policyholder by prohibiting the insurer from denying a claim or terminating the policy based, solely, on the breed of dog.

An individual who owns a "higher risk" breed may be able to get the homeowner's company to agree to exclude the dog from coverage if they have animal liability insurance on the dog.  Animal liability insurance can be purchased through Prime Insurance Syndicate, Inc.  Their telephone number is 1-800-456-4576.

Source: Pennsylvania Insurance Department Bureau of Consumer Services