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Pet Services (0)
Pet Services
Kennels, groomers, trainers, vets, and much more.

Professional Organizations (6)
Pet Services/Veterinarians/Professional Organizations
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Petsitters and Dog Walkers (51)
Pet Services/Petsitters and Dog Walkers
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Pet Waste Removal (Poop Scoop) (12)
Pet Services/Pet Waste Removal (Poop Scoop)
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Pet Taxi Services (15)
Pet Services/Pet Taxi Services
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Pet-Friendly Housing (14)
Help For Pet Owners/Pet-Friendly Housing
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Pet Loss Support, Pet Cemeteries (15)
Help For Pet Owners/Pet Loss Support, Pet Cemeteries
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Pet Food Pantries (3)
Help For Pet Owners/Pet Food Pantries
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Pit Bull Information (6)
Education and Outreach/Pit Bull Information
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Puppy Mill Info (5)
Education and Outreach/Puppy Mill Info
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Poodle (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Breed Clubs (Individual Breeds)/Poodle
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Pug (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Breed Clubs (Individual Breeds)/Pug
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Papillon (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Breed Clubs (Individual Breeds)/Papillon
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Pekingese (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Breed Clubs (Individual Breeds)/Pekingese
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Pet Therapy (7)
Fun With Your Dog/Activities and Performance Sports/Pet Therapy
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Pennsylvania Park and Campground Info (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Dog-Friendly Parks/Pennsylvania Park and Campground Info
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Parks For Small Dogs (4)
Fun With Your Dog/Dog-Friendly Parks/Parks For Small Dogs
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Purebred Rescue Groups (2)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups
IF YOUR BREED IS NOT LISTED: Please add your link right here (Available Dogs / Purebred Rescue Groups). The webmaster w...

Papillon Rescue (0)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Papillon Rescue
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Pekingese Rescue (3)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Pekingese Rescue
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Pug Rescue (1)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Pug Rescue
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Poodle Rescue (1)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Poodle Rescue
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Pomeranian Rescue (1)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Pomeranian Rescue
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Pet Products (0)
Pet Products
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Pet Supplies (30)
Pet Products/Pet Supplies
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Pet Portraits and Photography (21)
Pet Products/Pet Portraits and Photography
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Pending Legislation (6)
Laws and Regulations/Pending Legislation
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Pennsylvania Dog Law (1)
Laws and Regulations/Pennsylvania Dog Law
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Police Shooting Pets (1)
Laws and Regulations/Police Shooting Pets
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PghDogs Community (0)
PghDogs Community
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