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Dermatology (1)
Pet Services/Veterinarians/Veterinary Specialists & Special Equipment/Dermatology
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Daycare (35)
Pet Services/Daycare
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Domestic Abuse and Pets (4)
Help For Pet Owners/Domestic Abuse and Pets
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Dalmatian (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Breed Clubs (Individual Breeds)/Dalmatian
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Dachshund (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Breed Clubs (Individual Breeds)/Dachshund
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Dog-Friendly Vacations (19)
Fun With Your Dog/Dog-Friendly Vacations
Dog-friendly camping and vacation spots in PA, plus out-of-state trips that are worth the drive! Please call ahe...

Dock Diving (2)
Fun With Your Dog/Activities and Performance Sports/Dock Diving
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Dog-Friendly Parks (0)
Fun With Your Dog/Dog-Friendly Parks
These parks permit well-behaved, leashed dogs. DOGS MUST BE LEASHED IN ALL PARKS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. Please be respo...

Dog Park Organizations (1)
Fun With Your Dog/Dog-Friendly Parks/Dog Park Organizations
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Dachshund Rescue (3)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Dachshund Rescue
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Dalmatian Rescue (1)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Dalmatian Rescue
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Doberman Rescue (3)
Available Dogs/Purebred Rescue Groups/Doberman Rescue
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Dog Wardens (1)
Laws and Regulations/Dog Wardens
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Dangerous Dogs and Dog Bites (3)
Laws and Regulations/Dangerous Dogs and Dog Bites
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Dog Fighting (0)
Laws and Regulations/Dog Fighting
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Dog Purchaser Protection Act (Puppy Lemon Law) (5)
Laws and Regulations/Dog Purchaser Protection Act (Puppy Lemon Law)
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