PghDogs is not a company or an organization. It has been designed and maintained by Amy Romanofsky since 2001, and is not for profit. 

In January 2001, I started the PghDogs email group in an effort to bring local dog lovers together to socialize and discuss local dog issues. The email group has grown to include over 400 members and has become a great resource for anyone seeking information on any aspect of dog ownership in Pittsburgh.

This website evolved from that email group to provide a centralized resource for important information for dog owners in the Pittsburgh area, including:

  • Local pet services such as vets, groomers, trainers, behaviorists, petsitters, doggy daycares, kennels, pet-friendly housing, etc.
  • Dog rescue and adoption
  • Recreation (upcoming events, dog parks, places to hike/swim/camp, playgroups)
  • Local and state laws regarding ownership regulations, animal welfare, cruelty/neglect/abuse, dog bites, etc.
  • Lost and found dogs
  • ... and more!

Site visitors can easily add their own links and events to the site. Pet sales and stud services are not allowed.