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Babies enter pageants! Children enter pageants! Adults enter pageants! And now there are pageants for PETS to enter! I am proud to be the Director for the Miss Dog USA Photo Pageant. I designed this concept with the “girl” doggie in mind. The Miss Dog USA Photo Pageant benefits a local charity in Pittsburgh called the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. In its first year of inception, I am so proud and pleased to have many Doggie Delegates all over the USA competing to win their FIRST Doggie Pet Photo Pageant.

This pageant is exclusively for our “girls.” They compete by submitting their prettiest photogenic picture in a mail-in pageant. All ages are accepted. Our youngest entrant is eight months and the oldest is 18 years “young.” They are of all breeds, shapes and sizes. And what would a pageant be without having a State Title or Delegate At Large Title? These girls are representing their states and/or cities and are given titles everywhere, from Washington to Delaware, and everywhere in between.

Each Delegate receives a charm for her collar, compliments of the pageant. There is also an award given to Miss Dog Congeniality USA. In this category, the owner “speaks” for her doggie delegate in a few sentences on why she should be crowned Miss Dog Congeniality USA. There’s also an award given for “Peoples Choice.” The voting public and the Delegates themselves vote for their favorites to win the Peoples Choice Award. The girls who win these optional categories will be awarded with pink rhinestone bone charms for their collars.

Every pageant delegate loves to receive prizes, and our Girl Doggie Delegates are no exception. The winner who is crowned Miss Dog USA will win her own National Rhinestone doggie size tiara. Of course, she will receive a banner with her title of Miss Dog USA. Her reign will last for one year. It is up to her whether or not she wants to do appearances. She will receive treats, toys and other prizes and her owner will receive a gift too, along with a one-year subscription to Dog Fancy Magazine. Of course, there will also be four runners-up. They will receive treats and toys, and their owners will receive a gift as well as an issue of Dog Fancy Magazine.

There’s a low entry/donation fee of $10, which goes directly to the animal charity. These girls are wagging their tails with excitement. Their owners are having so much fun and, in fact, have referred their friends to enter too. All of them enjoy being special Doggie Delegates.

We have everything for pets: pet salons, pet resorts, pet taxi service, pet photography, malls which have stores exclusively for pets… so why not pageants for them too? Pet pageants are held to donate the entry fees to the animal shelters. I am sure that there will be many more pageants benefitting animal charities for your pets to enter.

Let’s all wish the “girls” in the Miss Dog USA Photo Pageant the best of luck and wish them all “purrfect” days! For more information on the Miss Dog USA Photo Pageant, please visit:


Casey Duke, Mr. Dog USA

Pam Palmer is a multiple pageant titleholder whose platform is animal rights. Pam recently adopted a 2 year old female calico domestic long hair named Priscilla from Cat Sense, Inc. Her love for animals comes from within her heart. Pam has also held a pageant for the boys called the Mr. Dog USA Photo Pageant. She is now the Director of the Miss/Mr. Cat USA Photo Pageant which will benefit Cat Sense, Inc. Feel free to contact Pam about any of these charity photo pageants at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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